Millä Kasinoilla Visa toimii?

The Visa card is the most well-known, oldest and most widely used form of payment and is widely used around the world. Most citizens of wealthy countries are in possession of this card and therefore it is part of the selection of almost every wallet. Visa payment at casinos is effortless and easy. We also tell you which Casinos Visa works at?

Visa card operations at Casinos

The Visa card is part of the selection of almost all Casinos. An exception to this is the casinos using Trustly’s Pay N Play service as a tsunami. At these Casinos you can only pay directly from your bank account.

Payments from a Visa card are never made directly, but there is always a payment intermediary in between. Nevertheless, you will receive your deposit very quickly at the Casino. Normally it takes seconds and sometimes even minutes. Then there is another story with repatriations. Withdrawals cannot be made to all countries and countries to which you can be repatriated, so it may take 2-4 business days for the repatriation. The speed or slowness of withdrawals is a major reason why many use online wallets and more.

Visa payment method Casinos. Here you will find casinos where you can use your VISA card as a method of payment.

Modern times

In 2020, Visa is operating in more than 200 countries and have more than 2.5 billion cards in circulation. In 2015, 109 billion transactions were made with Visa cards.


The first debit card, the BankAmericard, the predecessor to the Visa credit card, was launched in the United States in 1958 by Bank of America. This card was the first universal credit card to be equipped with a credit feature. In the 1970s, the card spread as an international joint product of several banks. This card was renamed Visa in 1976.

Visa card functions

In addition to debit card operations, credit card operations and many other functions, Visa has introduced contactless payment, ie local payment. This is, for example, a function in shops and cinemas, etc., which continues to grow strongly all the time.

At which casinos does Visa work?

The Visa card can be used at many of the Casinos we review. Here is a list of Casinos:

Visa sponsorship

Visa is, of course, involved in sports sponsorship and supports a huge number of different sports and clubs. Visa is the main partner for the two largest. Visa is the main partner of the International Olympic Movement and a partner of the International Football Association (FIFA).

MGA accepts VISA as a method of payment at casinos that use its license.

Visa payment method Casinos. Visa payment at casinos is effortless and easy.