Casinos operating in Finland

Regulatory Framework for Finnish Casinos

In Finland, the gambling sector is under strict government control, with the primary objective of minimizing gambling-related harm while providing entertainment responsibly. Veikkaus Oy, a state-owned company, holds the exclusive right to operate gambling services, including casinos, lottery, and betting operations across the country. This monopoly system is designed to curb problem gambling and ensure that profits from the industry are redirected towards social welfare, health, and arts programs.

Licensing and Regulation

Since Veikkaus is state-owned, traditional licensing procedures that private operators would typically undergo in other countries do not apply in Finland. Instead, Veikkaus operates under laws and regulations set forth by the Finnish government and supervised by the Ministry of the Interior. All gaming activities, from slot machines in local shops to games offered in casinos, must comply with the legislation intended to protect players and promote responsible gambling practices.

The Online Casino Industry in Finland

The situation of the online casino industry in Finland mirrors that of the land-based casinos. Veikkaus Oy also controls online gambling, offering various types of casino games, including slots, table games, and poker, exclusively through its online platforms. Finnish law prohibits any private or foreign companies from advertising or offering gambling services to Finnish residents. However, Finnish players are not legally barred from playing on international online casino sites, and many do so.

Despite being legal, international online gambling poses a significant challenge to the state’s monopoly, as these platforms compete directly with Veikkaus without contributing to the local community funds. In response, there have been discussions and proposals to strengthen the enforcement of the existing laws to protect the domestic monopoly and reduce gambling-related issues.

Moreover, Veikkaus has implemented several responsible gambling measures, including identification requirements to play slot machines and setting loss limits on online betting to prevent excessive gambling.


Finland’s unique approach to gambling through a government-owned monopoly aims to manage the potential negative impacts associated with gambling while using the profits for societal benefit. The online casino market, while restricted to the state-run operator, continues to face competition from international sites. This dynamic prompts ongoing debates about the future of gambling regulations in Finland, focusing on maintaining balance between control, player safety, and freedom of choice. You can find Casinos operating in Finland from this category.


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