Online Casino Bonuses

Being able play at a casino online from the comfort of your home has been a kind of revolution in the gambling world. The player can play at any time and from anywhere in the world through whichever device they like- their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. These casinos are comprised of games with stupendous animation, engaging sounds and fun graphics. The experience of these casinos makes it worth playing at it.

These casinos also offer various kinds of bonuses and promotional offers for its players to help them win through the games. The bonuses like welcome bonuses, free spins, price boosts, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses and VIP privileges are some of the most attractive kinds of bonuses. Read on further to know more about these offers in detail and how beneficial they can be.

Welcome Bonuses

One bonus whose availability is common amongst almost all the casinos is the Welcome Bonus. Once you sign-up, most of the casinos offer you a bonus, and you can start wagering. This becomes one of the biggest selling points for a casino as it attracts most of the players at the entry point. The average bonus percentage after registering is 50% to 100%. At some casinos, it goes up to 200% welcome bonus. This is one of the biggest bonus a casino offers, and you’ll have to do a minimum deposit to avail it. There is usually a time limit to avail it. Some welcome bonuses are also given in the form of Deposit Match (you get equal money to your deposit) and Free Bets bonuses.

Free Spins

If you have ever played at Slot machines at a casino, you might be aware of the concept of Free Spins. One of the most popular offer, it is based entirely on luck and no particular strategy. There are different sorts of free spins- regular free spins, no deposit free spins and in-game free spins.

Free spins require you to fulfil the wagering requirements and can be used in any of the slot games. As for the no deposit free spins, as the name suggests, you do not need to make a deposit to avail these spins. Available only on a few casinos, no deposit free spins have no wagering requirement and lists the games you can use these in. In case of the in-game free spins, the software program providers of the game include them within the game. Different symbols can trigger different spins.

Price Boost

Some online casinos offer bonuses that help you triple your wagering money. This offer can be used mainly while betting and can be availed every time while wagering. They can be offered on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis stating the number of times you can use it. They can also be on offer seasonally depending on the sport. The casinos that offer price boosts are usually risk-free without any hidden charges and is often lower than other kinds of bonuses. It is most advantageous while betting on a player or team judged on the basis of your analysis of the player.

Deposit Bonus

Most of the casinos offer a deposit bonus which means giving you extra money limited to a percentage. Greatly beneficial, it usually takes the form of a welcome bonus and are listed on the home page of almost all casinos. These become a player’s entry point into the casino. In case the first deposits are too high and the casino can not give a deposit match on it, it gives up to 100% bonus on other deposits. These bonuses are advantageous in the sense that they are usually the biggest the casino has to offer, can be wagered at most of the games, and increases your chances of winning.

Referral Bonus

It can be frustrating for some players who are regular at the casino and the bonus offers stop appearing. Referral bonus is one of the best option for players in this case. It is easy. You earn extra money when your referred player makes a deposit, plays and wagers. This is the sole and important condition. You usually get a link to share, using which the other player registers.

Referrals can also be of different sorts. One of them is the fixed casino referral bonus. You get a fixed amount every time your refereed player signs up. Another kind is the percentage-based referral bonus which is not so common amongst the casinos. You may get up to 50% of the bonus depending on the amount your referred player deposited. These referral bonuses are highly beneficial as they help you earn extra cash based on another player’s deposits.

VIP Bonus

Online casinos usually offer a VIP program on their websites now. A member can avail a lot of benefits like big cash prizes, cars or phones. There are different ways in which you can become a VIP member- you may pay for it or simply continue playing a lot of games for a lot of time at the casino. One of the advantages of being a member is that you get better customer service and faster payouts depending on the level of VIP (bronze, silver, gold, and premium) you have become. The kinds of bonuses for VIP members also keep changing regularly to different sorts of prizes.


Almost all the new casinos are choosing to offer different kinds of cashback now. All players- new, low rollers or high rollers, can avail them. They can range from 10% to 15% with low wagering requirements. You can avail these at most of the live casinos or the ones that offer sports betting.

Mentioned above are the most common kinds of bonuses and promotional offers available at most of the casinos across the board. The casinos are becoming increasingly creative now with a lot of bonuses they have to offer like Christmas bonus, 1 hour free play bonus, low wagering bonus, promo codes and more. Playing at casinos is becoming greatly exciting because of these offers for the players around the world.