North Macedonia

Casinos operating in North Macedonia

Licensing of Casinos in North Macedonia

The casino industry in North Macedonia is regulated under the oversight of the State Office for Supervision of Gambling. This body is responsible for issuing licenses and ensuring that all gambling operations comply with national laws and regulations. The Macedonian gambling market allows both land-based and online casino operations, provided they hold the appropriate licenses.

Types of Casino Licenses

  • Land-based Casino License: Operators wishing to run a physical casino must obtain this license. It authorizes the offering of a range of gambling activities, including table games and slot machines. The license requirements include adherence to specific operational standards and financial stability.
  • Online Casino License: With the growing popularity of online gambling, North Macedonia has also established regulations for online casinos. Operators must secure an online casino license to offer virtual casino games legally to residents. This includes a wide array of games such as slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack.

These licensing processes are designed to ensure that gambling activities are conducted in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner, with a strong emphasis on preventing gambling-related harms and protecting minors and vulnerable individuals.

Current State of the Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry in North Macedonia is still in a phase of development but has shown significant growth over recent years. The government has recognized the potential economic benefits of online gambling and has therefore implemented a regulatory framework that encourages the growth of legal online casinos while combating illegal gambling activities.

Operators in North Macedonia must adhere to stringent regulations, including player protection measures like setting limits on deposits and self-exclusion options. Moreover, the State Office for Supervision of Gambling actively monitors online platforms to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Despite these positive steps, the online gambling sector faces challenges, such as competition from unregulated foreign websites that attract local players. The Macedonian authorities continue to work on enhancing the regulatory framework and enforcement measures to ensure a safe and competitive market.


North Macedonia’s approach to regulating its casino industry reflects a balanced effort to capitalize on the economic opportunities presented by gambling while ensuring high standards of integrity and player protection. As the online casino market continues to expand, it promises to bring more innovation and growth to the country’s gambling landscape. You can find here the Casinos operating in North Macedonia.

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