Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming

We take responsible gaming very seriously here at We don’t want anyone to have a problem playing, and that’s why we want everyone to read this section of our site before they start playing for real money. All Casino Games and Casinos have an age limit of 18 years.

All online slot games, live games, betting and other games you play at online casinos are games of chance. It means exactly the same as going to play at a stone-foot casino, so all the money you lost is lost and you will not get it back in any way.

Dangers of gambling

Gambling should never be played for longer than you actually have time for, without disrupting your work, family, and other normal interactions.

You should never spend more money on gambling than you can actually afford to lose. Gaming must not interfere with normal life, normal spending, rent payments, or any other area of ​​life. There must always be common sense in gambling.

Account ClosureCasinos Liability

If you would like to prevent you from playing at a casino where you have had an account, please contact them. If you are contacting them by email, please provide them with the following information via email registered to your account:

Your whole name
Your date of birth (no social security number)
Home address
Username (if your casino has one)
Your phone number (who / if registered to your account)
How does the casino close your account?
You can also request different closing methods, which vary slightly from casino to casino and license to license:

– Gambling issue After this, you will never be able to reopen an account, at this casino, or at casinos licensed under the same license.

– Permanent closure You will never be able to open an account with this casino again, but you can still open an account with other casinos under the same license.

– Normal account closure, no indication of problems. You can reopen your account later, but you usually have a 1-7 day qualifier before you can play again.

– At multiple Casinos, you can also close your account yourself for a day, week, month, or any other period after which your account will reopen.

Who to contact

Gambling problems have been found to be common and comparable to illness. Tens of millions of Europeans suffer to some degree from gambling problems.

You can get help for gambling problems from several non-profit organizations, which are services paid for by society or betting funds.

Don’t be left alone, get help!

We take responsible gaming very seriously!